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Hey Sam. Izzy here. Sorry to be an ass but the Kat McNeil cover of the pop magazine was shot by German Photographer Daniel Sannwald and not Juergen! xx

Hello Izzy! No apologies, I definitely appreciate it when people pick out mistakes. I will be sure to take it down. I find most of these photographs on so I put a lot of trust in their hands. 

Thank you so much!


Juergen Teller documentary

Fred, one of our readers, was kind enough to send me a link about a documentary on Juergen.

Here’s the link to the film by Reiner Holzemer but you can only watch the trailer. To watch the full version you must order the film but since that link seems to be broken, contacting the director would be your best bet!

The film is in German but dubbed in French so anyone who speaks French will get the best out of watching the film!


no subtitels in the version that is online and that I saw on TV :(

That’s a bummer. But at least for the international readers they can enjoy a good documentary on Juergen!

Hello, there was a decent one on ARTE television (French / German TV),called "Juergen Teller, Photographe". (it's not possible to include links in messages sorry)— I have an incomplete version of it (as the TV program wasn't exactly on schedule) just in case. Can't remember if it was in french or subtitled.