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Some personal changes:

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The full editorial on Juergen from Vogue UK February 2013.

The last bit of the article is on the left of the last scan.

If you can’t read the article, open the pictures in another tab and zoom in.

you have the un-retouched version of cindy crawford in cover girls shoot??? ;)

No, I don’t think I do, sorry.


Hi there! We have just come across your blog and adore it! We are two Australian fashion bloggers and would love you to check out our blog and follow if you like it! Have a great day doll xxx

Thank you and I enjoy your guys’ blog!


I have a client who is looking to buy some of Juergen's pictures. Can you please let me know who handles his picture sales? Many thanks, Ghislain Pascal, The Little Black Gallery 020-7349 9332. Thanks.

I am not sure who handles his picture sales but you can go to his actual website ( and search around there.

Good luck,