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Oh. Oops. I was on anon when I asked :P

I will answer anyway! And yes! Tea would be perfect, haha. I prefer tea anyway. :)


What made you want to make a blog dedicated to Juergen Teller? And if you could ask him one question what would it be?

I remember in 2009 when I had my “fashion awakening” I was so interested in the Marc Jacobs ads with how raw and gritty they were against everything else. There wasn’t anything online that showcased all of his work in one place so I took it upon my 15 year old self to make my own collection of his photography.

Good question, I don’t know what I’d ask him! “Could you photograph me?!” - No, I’m just kidding. :)

I’d probably ask him something about his photography style.

Well done on the mammoth job of going back tagging all the posts, fyi If you ever need to do something similar again I just thought I'd let you know theres a 'Mass post editor' built into tumblr which makes things easier; its saved me doing a fair bit of work on a few occasions.

Thank you! Yes, oh my goodness the Mass Post Editor was a life saver! I don’t know how I would have done it without that.



I had contemplated making the archive of this blog easier to access by creating tags for every post but thought that it would take too long. I finally pursued the project and it only took me around 4 days.

So now the entire Juergen Teller archive is labeled and can be found here on the search page.

I have labeled advertisements, editorials and many more to make finding Mr. Teller’s work easier for you.

Think of it as a late, late Christmas present.

Happy searching!